IBA Group – Islamic financial services coming soon

Everyday accounts. Savings accounts. Home finance.

All coming soon. All Shariah-compliant. We are not yet a bank - watch this space.

Everyday accounts. Savings accounts. Home finance.

All coming soon. All Shariah-compliant. We are not yet a bank - watch this space.

We're not a bank yet - but join the waiting list below!

We’re currently building our systems and expecting our initial restricted licence over coming months.

Ready to join our waiting list? We'll let you know when we are ready to launch.

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We've been working for years on behalf of Muslim Aussies.

Our licence application is currently being processed by APRA.  We’ll offer a full range of Shari’ah-compliant products, including:

  • Fantastic everyday  accounts with a great digital experience
  • Savings products
  • Home finance
  • Business accounts (once we’re ready)
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We're members of the United Nations Global Compact.

We're committed to and passionate about the ten principles that create a better world.

Tree planting certificate

Recently, we planted 1,000 trees across Australia.

We're proud Muslim Aussies. We donate to help restore bushfire areas.

Soon, you'll have a choice.

We’re building you amazing, Shariah-compliant products:

  • Everyday accounts with an incredible digital experience
  • Savings products that pay profit-share instead of interest
  • Home finance where you pay rent, not interest

All signed off by our Shariah committee, with international fatwas.

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IBA Group logo

A sneak peak of our new brand.

We’re hoping to receive our licence shortly – but until then, we cannot use the word “bank”.

Here’s a little snapshot of our new brand we’ll be launching soon once we are licensed inshAllah!  

Watch this space over the next couple of months.

Ethical products that provide a fantastic customer experience.

We believe that financial services companies can be a force of good in the community. We're building a different type of business entirely based upon ethics. Simple things - like treating customers with respect, donating profits to improve the environment, and not dealing with businesses that we don't want to be involved with (like weapons, tobacco or large polluters) even if it would make us more profit. Amazing digital products that help the community as well? That's us!

What exactly are you building?

We're building Australia's first full-service Islamic financial services business - but we're not a bank yet. Our banking licence application is currently being processed by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). We'll be offering products that meet all the requirements of Islamic law - fully audited and signed-off by our Shariah Audit Committee. Fee-based transactional accounts. Deposits and loans based on profit share. And no exposure to non-ethical industries, such as tobacco and gambling.

Muslim woman

Amazing digital banking that creates a better Australia.

And we absolutely refuse to bank a range of industries.

Not just talk. Our "Ethical Principles" bind our entire team.

Our entire team is bound by a set ideals that we call our "Ethical Principles". These are the standards that we hold ourselves to so that we are always providing outstanding customer service that puts you first.

We only launch easy to understand products.

We know that products can be complicated - but they don't need to be. We'll always strive to be completely transparent on any fees we charge - and we'll spend time explaining them if needed.

We seek to improve the world we live in.

When we are making decisions, we will think about our customers and the general community. This includes areas such as encouraging diversity, and supporting sustainability.

We respond to customers as quickly as possible.

Assisting customers is an honour, and we must always strive to serve. If an issue is raised, we will provide an initial response within 24 hours, but hopefully in real-time through chat etc.

If someone isn't happy, they can call the CEO.

If you're not happy with something that's happened, we'll give you a direct line to our CEO if required so that we can try to work things out. How many companies do you know that let you speak with their CEO directly?

We don't have our licence yet, but APRA is processing our application. Watch this space!

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